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Womens Day

March 8th is known worldwide as the day we celebrate International Women's Day. Although a global pandemic might hinder the frequency of massive demonstrations on the streets fighting for equality, we still want to celebrate the date in the best way we know how: with apps! So, check out this collection of apps listed below that are either created by women, featuring important women characters, or just important to the cause.

AdVenture Ages

One of the games of the moment, this is not the first created by Emily Greer, the CEO of Kongregate. Fans of idle games are probably familiar with AdVenture Capitalist, a massive hit that we all got addicted to quite some time ago. Are you into idle games? Give it a try!

Words with Friends 2

Zynga is the studio behind this multiplayer game that had us very much entertained during recent lockdowns, and we can only say thanks to Katherine James, its principal game designer. Remember, you don’t need to be confined to try it out!

Furistas Cat Café

In this game, brought to us by managing director Zoe Hobson and creative director Emma Johansson, you’ll be able to adopt and pet cute kitties, help customers to adopt their favorite one, and customize your cafe as you’d like. The narrative is very well-constructed throughout the game and really promotes ethical pet ownership.


You’ll find this app is not only useful for supporting feminism, but also for supporting a variety of other social causes as well! You can use it to scan products and find out if the company behind it is actually on your side... or not. You can choose the campaigns you want to support, and discover if companies are producing with poor labor standards, if they utilize equality policies, or if they have women in positions of power.

Lara Croft: Relic Run

Whether you feel that she’s a feminist icon or not, there’s no doubt that Lara Croft was one of the first women leads in an action gaming franchise. In this amazing game you’ll run, swim, and drive vehicles in an amazing adventure. As always with Tomb Raider titles, we’ll discover beautiful landscapes with an amazing storyline, so be brave, woman up, and download it now!

Lara Croft: Relic Run
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