Marsaction: Infinite Ambition image
Game of the Week
Marsaction: Infinite AmbitionThe idea of establishing human civilization on Mars has been around sci-fi stuff for ages, and that’s exactly the plot behind Marsaction, our Game of the Week! This MMO comes with amazing graphics and some hostile insect enemies, so be ready for some outer-space action!
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The Walking Dead: Survivors image
Game of the Week
The Walking Dead: SurvivorsBattling for survival is not an easy task, especially in the harsh world of The Walking Dead. Doing so while competing with other survivors is just one of the biggest challenges you’ll have ahead of you in our Game of the Week, so be ready to fight the undead in The Walking Dead: Survivors!
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Toon Blast image
Game of the Week
Toon BlastOur Game of the Week this time is not only one of the best rated puzzle games in the Android gaming world, but also one of the titles that features the most loving characters. Ready to match-3 and explode the balloons in Toon Blast!
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Sky Utopia image
Game of the Week
Sky UtopiaThis time, our Game of the Week brings a unique and profound story full of fantasy, magical creatures, and action. With a vast range of options to customize your gaming and some pretty cool social features, Sky Utopia is here to change the way you enjoy ARPG titles!
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Mergeland Alice's Adventure image
Game of the Week
Mergeland Alice's AdventureThis week we get some very popular characters of the British literature directly to our Android devices. Alice, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit combine some good old puzzles with a touch of MERGING magic in a title that we can only declare Game of the Week! Ready for Mergeland Alice’s Adventure?
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Pokémon Sleep image
Game of the Week
Pokémon SleepOur Game of the Week this time brings us a unique simulation that combines the world of Pokémon with the importance of a good night's sleep. Developed by The Pokémon Company, this game aims to make sleep a fun and interactive experience. So, grab your favorite Pokémon plushie and get ready to embark on a restful adventure with Pokémon Sleep!
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Star Trek Fleet Command image
Game of the Week
Star Trek Fleet CommandStrategy, combat, diplomacy, and leadership are in one of our favorite space sagas. Do we need to explain why Star Trek Fleet Command is our Game of the week this time? It’s got everything we want in an action Android Game, so sit tight and get ready for some good old space fighting!
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Bloodline image
Game of the Week
BloodlineBloodline is a captivating RPG that’s taking the Android gaming world by storm with its immersive gameplay and stunning visuals. Isn’t that what we want in our Game of the Week? Just keep reading to learn everything about it!
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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened image
Game of the Week
Harry Potter: Magic AwakenedOur Game of the Week at Aptoide is here to delight every wizard, witch, and magical creature lover out there. Feast your eyes and enchant your senses with Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, a captivating card-based RPG filled with a spellbinding mix of strategy and magical duels.
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Eternal Evolution image
Game of the Week
Eternal EvolutionThis time, our Game of the Week is the perfect combination of a classic gacha formula, the kind of RPG we always love, and silky-smooth futuristic graphics. If we add an amazing set of heroes and an endless battlefield, we get quite an amazing Android game! Ready for Eternal Evolution?
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