Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aptoide?Aptoide is an alternative Android app store with no geo-restrictions and all free content. It’s one of the most popular independent app stores for Android, with more than 300 million users worldwide, 7 billion downloads and 1 million apps available for everyone, everywhere. Aptoide features one of the best malware detection systems in the app stores ecosystem, which ensures a safe and secure app discovery experience. Aptoide gives a new meaning to the way we discover and install apps since all content is unrestricted and free; you can even have your own app store!
Is Aptoide safe? Can Aptoide be trusted?Yes, Aptoide is a completely safe app store. On Aptoide, we care about our users, that's why we're focused on constantly improving our malware detection systems, one of our biggest concerns. All the content uploaded to Aptoide app store, either from users or from app developers, is scanned and compared to other stores in the app store ecosystem for us to understand if it may pose a threat.
How to download and install Aptoide?To install Aptoide, you just need to go to our website from your Android device and tap on the Download button you will find in the upper area of the homepage. You'll need to enable the installation of apps from Unknown Sources in your Android settings, which will allow you to install apps outside of the Google Play Store in your Android device.
Is Aptoide legal / legit?Yes, Aptoide is completely legal. Aptoide was founded in 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal, and it's just an open source solution for a completely monopolized market: app distribution. The main goal of Aptoide is to allow users to have an alternative option to discover and download the best Android apps. The company has offices in Lisbon, Shezen (China) and Singapore and offers services the over 300 million users worldwide, along with several OEMs and third-party app stores.
What is Aptoide TV?Aptoide TV is a free alternative app store for Android smart TVs and set top boxes. Aptoide TV offers more than 2500 apps optimized for Android TVs and it is completely free to use.
How to install and use Aptoide TV?To install Aptoide TV in your Android TV or set top box you’ll need to go to and follow the instructions you’ll find after tapping on Download Aptoide TV.
What is AppCoins?AppCoins and AppCoins Credits are the virtual currency for in-app transactions. You can use them to make purchases in your favorite games. The best part? You can earn up to 20% bonus in all purchases!
How does updating apps work in Aptoide? Who can update apps?You can update all your apps in Aptoide. Just open Aptoide app, go to Apps, the left-most option in the bottom menu and you will see all the apps that can be updated among the ones you have installed in your device. You can choose to update only the ones you want, or update all of them in one go by tapping on Update All.