Is Aptoide safe? Can Aptoide be trusted?

Yes, Aptoide is a completely safe app store. During the installation process, you may receive a pop-up message from Play Protect claiming that Aptoide has been blocked. The reason behind this message is that Aptoide has been created for a lot of different devices, including very old ones! Just tap on More details and then on Install anyway and remember you’ll never put your device at risk by installing Aptoide.
Not only Aptoide app store is completely safe to install and use but also the apps and games you’ll find there! On Aptoide, we care about our users, that's why we're focused on constantly improving our malware detection systems, one of our biggest concerns. All the content uploaded to Aptoide app store, either from users or from app developers, is scanned and compared to other stores in the app store ecosystem for us to understand if it may pose a threat.
Our malware detection system basically works with a pool of well-known and up-to-date anti- malware softwares. But even the app is not detected by any of these, our in-house anti-malware engine is continuously updated by our team of experts to ensure it blocks even the most recent threats. Not enough? Our Quality Team manually scans and tests these apps to ensure the best quality is achieved, so this way we make sure all content available in Aptoide is safe to use.
You'll see that almost all apps have a green Trusted badge. This means that such app has successfully passed all our malware-detection analyses. In very few cases, you may see apps with other badges, like a grey Unknown badge, which means we're still analyzing such app to confirm if it may be a threat.
According to a scientific study made by Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, Aptoide is the safest third-party Android app store on the market. In a scientific study (called "Understanding the Security Management of Global Third-Party Android Marketplaces"), the content of 27 app stores, including some of the most popular marketplaces, like Google Play, are compared in order to rank them in terms of security...and Aptoide ranks Top 1!
Aptoide anti malware-platformAutomated analysis
App SubmissionAn app is uploaded via Catappult or Uploader.
Temp PoolThe apps stays in a temporary pool until selected for scanning tests.
Anti-virusThe app is analysed by our malware-detection software.
Signature ValidationThe signature of the app is validated and compared with other marketplace.
ClassificationOur system filter the app and classifies it according to our parameters and badges system.
Install app
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What is Aptoide?Aptoide is an alternative Android app store with no geo-restrictions and all free content.
How to download and install Aptoide?To install Aptoide, you just need to go to our website from your Android device and tap on the Download button you will find in the upper area of the homepage. You'll need to enable the installation of apps from Unknown Sources in your Android settings, which will allow you to install apps outside of the Google Play Store in your Android device.
Is Aptoide legal / legit?Yes, Aptoide is completely legal. Aptoide was founded in 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal, and it's just an open source solution for a completely monopolized market: app distribution. The main goal of Aptoide is to allow users to have an alternative option to discover and download the best Android apps. The company has offices in Lisbon, Shezen (China) and Singapore and offers services the over 300 million users worldwide, along with several OEMs and third-party app stores.
What is Aptoide TV?Aptoide TV is a free alternative app store for Android smart TVs and set top boxes. Aptoide TV offers more than 2500 apps optimized for Android TVs and it is completely free to use.
How to install and use Aptoide TV?To install Aptoide TV in your Android TV or set top box you’ll need to go to and follow the instructions you’ll find after tapping on Download Aptoide TV.
What is AppCoins?AppCoins Credits are the digital credits for in-app transactions; like loyalty program points. You can only use them to make purchases in your favorite games. The best part? You can earn up to 20% bonus in all purchases!
Why is Play Protect blocking Aptoide?Aptoide may be blocked by Play Protect during the installation process and it’s possible that you receive a message like the one below: