How does updating apps work in Aptoide? Who can update apps?

You can update all your apps in Aptoide. Just open Aptoide app, go to Apps, the left-most option in the bottom menu and you will see all the apps that can be updated among the ones you have installed in your device. You can choose to update only the ones you want, or update all of them in one go by tapping on Update All.

In the same as when you install an app from Aptoide from the first time, all app updates are constantly monitor and checked automatically by our anti-malware system and manually by our Quality Team. This ensures that all app updates you install in Aptoide are safe to download, install and use.

We really care about Aptoide content not being only safe but also being the most updated and recent one. That’s why you’ll find that there are many updates on a constant basis in this section of Aptoide app store.