How to install and use Aptoide TV?

To install Aptoide TV in your Android TV or set top box you’ll need to go to and follow the instructions you’ll find after tapping on Download Aptoide TV.

In summary, you need to download the installation file in your TV or set top box, and this can be done in three different ways. You directly download it using your browser in your device , you can download it in your laptop and then use a USB stick to transfer it to your TV or set top box, or you can use a WiFi connection to transfer it from your phone or laptop to your TV.

All the instructions are detailed in Aptoide TV website and it is much easier than you would think!

Please remember that all Aptoide products, including Aptoide TV, along with the content you find in our app store are safe to use and free for all users worldwide.

Download Aptoide TV