Mobile Legends x Saint Seiya image
Special Event
Mobile Legends x Saint SeiyaOne of the most anticipated collabs of Mobile Legends in 2022 has just arrived to us and we can’t be more excited! Until November 23th, we can find our favorite Gold Saints setting foot in the Land of Dawn and there’s not a better way to celebrate it than with special skins and exclusive resources. Ready for Mobile Legens x Saint Seiya?
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Lost Light image
Game of the Week
Lost LightIt's 2040 and a pheromone outbreak has led us all to a post-apocalyptic world full of destruction, chaos, and uncertainty. This story continues with underground bunkers, survival, and a lot of shooting. If we add very high-end graphics and cross-platform functionality, we get Lost Light our Game of the Week this time! Ready to learn everything about it?
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FreeCell Cash image
Game of the Week
FreeCell CashSometimes we don’t need a deep and complex storyline with a lot of characters and options... but just a simple and casual game to kill some time. And that’s exactly our Game of the Week this time with the addition of a surprising twist in it: the chance to win real money! Just keep reading to learn everything about FreeCell Cash and e-Skills games.
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Desta: The Memories Between image
Game of the Week
Desta: The Memories BetweenThe rumors are true: the largest streaming platform in the world, Netflix, is betting big on gaming, and we all are pretty open to new players joining the Android gaming world! Although they have already released a few titles (such as Poinpy or the amazing Stranger 1984), the latest one, Desta: The Memories Between, has taken the world by storm with its artistic graphics and compelling story... and that’s why it’s our Game of the Week!
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FIFA Football image
Game of the Week
FIFA FootballAlthough soccer season is already underway in the main leagues of the world, we’re still waiting for the big event: the World Cup in Qatar, by the end of the year! And the best way to entertain ourselves is by spending some time with the king of soccer Android games... FIFA Football! Ready to learn everything about our Game of the Week?
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel image
Game of the Week
Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross DuelIt’s been a while since a cards game made it to Game of the Week, but this time we can get our hands on quite an amazing new title! With overlapping battles, lots of game modes and amazing characters, Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel brings a refreshing touch to this game genre along with familiar vibes. Let’s learn everything about the brand-new Konami game!
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Mobile Legends: Adventure image
Game of the Week
Mobile Legends: AdventureOne of the most popular MOBA’s of the Android gaming world is now back in a completely different format... and we are so excited we can only hereby declare it Game of the Week! With impressive anime art and the most iconic characters from MoonTon Studios, we’re sure Mobile Legends: Adventure has arrived to stay!
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Wolf Game image
Game of the Week
Wolf GameA few years ago, animal simulator games got extremely popular in the Android gaming world to an extent that a goat simulator became one of the biggest successes in terms of downloads and numbers of users. Our Game of the Week this time is also an animal simulator, but we’re talking about a title that brings strategy, community and gorgeous graphics to the equation. Ready for Wolf Game? Just keep reading!
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League of Angels: Chaos image
Game of the Week
League of Angels: ChaosWe continue the strategy season with one of our favorite fantasy games in the Android gaming world. In League of Angels: Chaos you’ll not only have a deep and engaging story full of amazing characters and scenarios but also some very innovative features to boost the community-driven feeling. Ready for our Game of the Week?
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Piggy GO image
Game of the Week
Piggy GOAre you a board games fan? Do you also enjoy blasting your enemies with a cannon to steal their fortunes? If the answer to these questions is ‘YAY!’ we've got the right game for you! Our Game of the Week this time is a mix of racing around the board, creating a fortune and competing against other players. Let’s learn everything we need to know about Piggy GO!
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