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Best of 2021

Many things have happened during 2021, but most important, many Android things happened! We’ve gathered some of the best titles published during the last 12 months so you don’t miss the highlights of the Android gaming world. Some of them excelled in terms of downloads, and others are here because they truly surprised us. Anyway, we believe it’s a great way of closing 2021!

Pokémon UNITE

We never get tired of Pokémon games, especially when they come with new battle modes. In Pokémon UNITE trainers face off in 5-on-5 team battles seeking to be the one scoring the most points in the given team. As with any Pokémon game, the key will be to collect and evolve our little friends, but this time you’ll need to have teamwork in mind as well. Ready for another Pokémon adventure?

Pokémon UNITE
PUBG New State

Do you love advent calendars? If the answer is yes, here you have its digital version. On Christmas Countdown you’ll be opening a new gift every day until Christmas day. These are very cute HD images that you can set as your wallpaper or just use to get into the Christmas mood. One of the best things about this app is that there are no ads, so the Christmas frenzy feels uninterrupted during the whole month of December.

Monopoly Solitaire Card Game

Yes, it’s just another solitaire cards game, but during 2021, this simplified version of monopoly stayed in for a few weeks in the top positions of downloads rankings. The secret is probably that little twist added by Hasbro on which you’ll roll a dice as you play each hand, collect properties and build houses as you go. Maybe it’s not just another solitaire cards game, right?

My Friend Pedro

Pedro’s family has been kidnapped... and he’s got to do something about it! In this shotting-arcade game, you’ll guide Pedro in an adventure full of bullets, blood and bananas over 37 levels full of action. You might find it too easy at the beginning, but it actually gets very tricky as you progress on the quest, with motorcycles and even skateboards involved.


This action-RPG was quite a surprise at the beginning of 2021, with some of the best graphics we’ve seen and a lot of customization options. AnimA is inspired in the greatest old-school games, but it adds the mobile optimization we need these days. You’ll be able to follow the storyline or simply go on and slash your enemies with no passion. A great way to close 2021, we believe.

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Best of 2023
Did you have a good 2023 in terms of gaming? So did we! That’s why we would like to compile the best games of the year in one place. From amazing graphics to old time board game classics, your favorite app store has a bit of everything. Make sure you try them all!
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Women Power
Women's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by discovering a bunch of Android games with strong female characters? After all, everybody knows women do run the world! We've got a bit of everything: RPGs, puzzle games, and even a very intense MOBA! Keep reading to discover all you need to know about them and enjoy Women's Day with a good old mobile game.
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The Year of the Tiger
This might be the most important holiday for the giant Asian country, but the truth is that the Chinese New Year is celebrated worldwide with festivals, food, music... anything that can transport us to the land of panda bears! And you already know how we celebrate things here at Aptoide: with apps! Below you’ll find some of the apps that will help you understand a bit more of China. Ready for the trip?
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Womens Day
March 8th is known worldwide as the day we celebrate International Women's Day. Although a global pandemic might hinder the frequency of massive demonstrations on the streets fighting for equality, we still want to celebrate the date in the best way we know how: with apps! So, check out this collection of apps listed below that are either created by women, featuring important women characters, or just important to the cause.
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