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Buckle Up!

Are you ready for some speed? This week we’re stepping on the accelerator with some of the best racing titles we’ve tried recently, so buckle up, play some good hits on the stereo and get ready for the race!


The beauty of this one might contrast with the more common apps found in the racing games world: graphics are stylised, kind of cartoonish and gameplay is very simple! This is why we consider #DRIVE a well polished title for casual racing. The mechanics might take a bit longer to get used to them—especially with such a variety of cars—but we’re sure this game will satisfy almost everyone.

Asphalt 9

You knew the latest title of the Asphalt saga was going to be here. Why? Too many reasons: the graphics are mouth-dropping, the arcade gameplay is very well achieved and, most importantly, you actually feel quite powerful! Asphalt 9 races don’t seem to arise any danger so, why should we step on the break?

Thumb Drift

The retro style graphics of Thumb Drift really conquered our hearts. One of the best things about this title is that there’s no waiting: once you fail, you can just jump right back onto the track! The controls also feel nice and intuitive, a good lesson Mario Kart Tour could learn about.

Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D

The best thing about Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D is the amount of cars you can choose from: buggies, 4x4, off-roaders, SUVs and even luxury cars (we loved to see the Prombon Black Alligator). It also offers quite a nice level of customization to make each one of them actually feel yours!

CSR Racing 2

Let’s get real! CSR Racing 2 is the scientific option in this collection, since physics actually apply in quite an incredible way to provide a very realistic driving experience. Also, the amount of cars you can choose from with unique characteristics will also provide you with hours of fun!

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