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PUBG x Arcane

One of our favorite battle royale games is having a very exciting collaboration these days. It’s not the first one though; we’ve seen appearances of Godzilla and even K-POP stars in PUBG, but this time it’s extra exciting because we’re talking about League of Legends! Are you ready to travel from Erangel to Piltover or Zaun?

Everybody is talking about Riot Games these days, but mainly because of their new animated Netflix series, Arcane, based on their most popular game, League of Legends. But we have one more reason to talk about them; an amazing collaboration between PUBG Mobile and League of Legends! From November 16th, we’ll be able to enjoy new playable characters, unique gameplay, weapons and abilities and a mysterious story. To do so, a bit of traveling is needed, so select the “Themed mode” when playing a Classic game on Erangel to find the massive floating Mirror Island. Once you come in contact with the Wind Wall you’ll travel to one of the two League of Legends iconic cities: Piltover or Zaun. Once you arrive at these new worlds, you’ll transform into Jinx, Vi, Jayce or Caitlyn with special skills and weapons. Don’t miss this limited-time special event!

On top of that, it seems PUBG Mobile is giving everything on Cyber Week and Black Friday with special promotions and discounts in their store. You can earn rewards and coupons for an activity or even get outfits with up to a 90% discount on their regular price. Need more reasons to get PUBG Mobile now?

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Do you love PUBG? WE DO! And we have an exclusive free gift for Aptoide users; just follow the steps below using the promotional code in the image to receive your gift!
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