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A New Era on Social Platforms?

Only today we discovered that all Twitter offices are closing, a few weeks ago that Mastodon exists and back in January that we can be more honest in our social media profiles. Is 2022 the year of the re-invention of social media platforms? Let’s have a look at how things have changed (and are changing) in this corner of the Android world!

Twitter Drama and Mastodon

Elon Musk, publicly bargain with Stephen King on the price of the new Twitter subscriptions is a good example of how delicate the situation is in one of our favorite social networks. Some users think that it’s going to become a freemium platform and others just believe we’ll soon say goodbye to Twitter. The truth is that nobody knows what’s going to happen but the search for alternatives has started.... and that’s how we discovered Mastodon.

This decentralized social media platform has been in use for quite a while now. Although it was released 6 years ago, it’s only now that we see a real increase in its user base. Mastodon is a free and open-source microblogging platform that works in a very similar way to Twitter.... but is slightly more complex. The main difference between Mastodon and Twitter is that in the decentralized version you register in one specific server. You can choose the one you like based on your location (for sure there’s a server for your country), or based on your interests (there’s a server about LoL!) or even a more general one (I’m on mastodon.social).

The chosen server will not really change much of your experience since you can still interact with users on any other server in the Fediverse. Apart from Mastodon being decentralized and server-based, the only significant differences we find when comparing it with Twitter is that there are not as many users and there are also no passive-aggressive posts from its Elon (yet).

Will Mastodon replace Twitter? Nobody knows, but it’s always good to know that there are alternatives to the mainstream services... like Aptoide app store!

TikTok Now vs BeReal

If you follow Aptoide’s App and Game of the Week section you would have known about the new trendy social network months in advance it actually became popular; BeReal was our App of the Week back in January but it truly became popular worldwide around summer time.

The premise is very interesting: let’s stop faking our lives in our public profiles. In BeReal you’ll receive a notification at a random time every day for you to publish a pic (with both cameras) with no filters. Obviously, you cannot use a pic of your gallery and you can only see other people’s posts if you actually publish one yourself. We actually love how innovative this concept is, but it seems TikTok also liked it!

TikTok Now is the BeReal equivalent of the social platform that helped us survive a lockdown: TikTok. With TikTok now, you can share your most authentic moments with the people you choose. Again, users get a notification at a random moment of the day with a 3-minute window to take a 10-second video or a real-time photo using both cameras. Depending on where about in the World you are, TikTok Now will be an independent app or a section in your usual TikTok app.

Are you willing to give up on the filters?

Updates in WhatsApp!

The updates in WhatsApp never end, even when it seems Meta is going through hard times. This week, the most popular messaging app has been a trending topic because of adding a poll feature! You can ask the question you like and add as many possible answers as needed in both individual conversations and group chats. To activate this new feature just update to the latest version of WhatsApp and go to the attachment section in any given conversation. You’ll then see the option to create a poll.

WhatsApp Messenger
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