Catalyst Black image
Game of the Week
Catalyst BlackPowerful guns, customizable abilities, mystical primals... Our Game of the Week has it all for you and your friends! This team-based shooter is a breath of fresh air that feels genuinely fun to play, so keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Catalyst Black!
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Disney Mirrorverse image
Game of the Week
Disney MirrorverseSome of the most familiar characters are joining us this week for some extra action in an alternative world, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our favorite peps from Disney and Pixar movies get together in Disney Mirrorverse, and let’s be honest - seeing Snow White, Jack Sparrow, and Mickey together is a great reason for it to be our Game of the Week!
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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds image
Game of the Week
Ni no Kuni: Cross WorldsYou might know this saga because of the Netflix film or be familiar with the console games. Whichever the case is, we’re extremely excited with the latest game of the Ni no Kuni saga, in which the real world and a fantasy one get mixed up on an epic adventure. Ready to learn everything about Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds? Just keep reading!
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Diablo Immortal image
Game of the Week
Diablo ImmortalBlizzard, the well-known gaming Studio, brings us one of the most awaited multiplayer online role-playing games of the season. Angels, demons and a never-ending war over the dominion of the mortal realm await you in Diablo Immortal, and that’s why it’s our new Game of the Week!
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Super Sus image
Game of the Week
Super SusIf there's a game that made its way during the heavy years of the pandemic, it's Among Us! We all had a lot of fun playing it with friends and strangers worldwide, but it's been a while now; we crowned it Game of the Week back in 2019! This time, our Game of the Week is like the improved version of Among Us: better graphics, enhanced chat, and many roles! Keep reading to learn more about Super Sus!
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Infinity Kingdom image
Game of the Week
Infinity KingdomHave you ever thought of combining cartoon-style graphics and good-old strategy? If the answer is yes, be ready to add some historical figures to the combo because Infinity Kingdom has it all... and it’s our Game of the Week!
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Apex Legends Mobile image
Game of the Week
Apex Legends MobileA very long-awaited game has just joined the Android gaming world and we cannot be more excited. Coming from a well-known studio like EA Games, and with many years of entertainment provided to PC game players, we’re sure that Apex Legends Mobile is not only here to stay but also to provide us with hours and hours of fun. Let’s learn more about our Game of the Week!
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Dislyte image
Game of the Week
DislyteIs there a better way to celebrate the weekend than with an urban-mythological RPG? Probably not! And that’s the reason for Dislyte to be our Game of the Week! A not-so-distant future setting, mayhem gods, stunning graphics, engaging characters... It’s got all we want!
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Donut Punks image
Game of the Week
Donut PunksZombies, donuts and amazing graphics. We need nothing else to be sure that our Game of the Week will guarantee hours of fun. If we add a fun story and easy to learn controls, we actually have the perfect combo! Let’s check Donut Punks out!
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Mobile Legends: 515 Event image
Mobile Legends: 515 EventJoin your friends at this special event on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Our favorite 5v5 MOBA on which real players fight each other is hosting 515 M- World, a massive event with many surprises for all players. Want to know more? Keep reading!
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