Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel image
Game of the Week
Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross DuelIt’s been a while since a cards game made it to Game of the Week, but this time we can get our hands on quite an amazing new title! With overlapping battles, lots of game modes and amazing characters, Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel brings a refreshing touch to this game genre along with familiar vibes. Let’s learn everything about the brand-new Konami game!
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Mobile Legends: Adventure image
Game of the Week
Mobile Legends: AdventureOne of the most popular MOBA’s of the Android gaming world is now back in a completely different format... and we are so excited we can only hereby declare it Game of the Week! With impressive anime art and the most iconic characters from MoonTon Studios, we’re sure Mobile Legends: Adventure has arrived to stay!
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Wolf Game image
Game of the Week
Wolf GameA few years ago, animal simulator games got extremely popular in the Android gaming world to an extent that a goat simulator became one of the biggest successes in terms of downloads and numbers of users. Our Game of the Week this time is also an animal simulator, but we’re talking about a title that brings strategy, community and gorgeous graphics to the equation. Ready for Wolf Game? Just keep reading!
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League of Angels: Chaos image
Game of the Week
League of Angels: ChaosWe continue the strategy season with one of our favorite fantasy games in the Android gaming world. In League of Angels: Chaos you’ll not only have a deep and engaging story full of amazing characters and scenarios but also some very innovative features to boost the community-driven feeling. Ready for our Game of the Week?
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Piggy GO image
Game of the Week
Piggy GOAre you a board games fan? Do you also enjoy blasting your enemies with a cannon to steal their fortunes? If the answer to these questions is ‘YAY!’ we've got the right game for you! Our Game of the Week this time is a mix of racing around the board, creating a fortune and competing against other players. Let’s learn everything we need to know about Piggy GO!
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Mobile Legends x Kung Fu Panda image
Mobile Legends x Kung Fu PandaYou heard it right! One of our favorite MOBAs has just started a special event with the most popular panda bear from DreamWorks and it’s just full of surprises. Ready to learn everything about the crossover between Mobile Legends and Kung Fu Panda?
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Saint Seiya: Awakening image
Game of the Week
Saint Seiya: AwakeningAfter three decades of manga volumes, anime TV series and even feature films, Saint Seiya universe makes its way to the Android gaming world. With anime style graphics, iconic characters and an amazing story, we’re very happy to announce that Saint Seiya Awakening is our Game of the Week!
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Lords Mobile: Tower Defense image
Game of the Week
Lords Mobile: Tower DefenseIt’s time for the King of Strategy in the Android gaming world to be featured in our favorite section of Aptoide. Building, researching, humongous armies and a lot of alliances are waiting for you in our Game of the Week and we cannot be more excited about it. Let’s talk about Lords Mobile!
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Chronicle of Infinity image
Game of the Week
Chronicle of InfinityConsole-quality graphics, an impressive fighting system and a lot of fantasy; our Game of the Week has it all and that’s probably the reason for it to have reached over 16 million downloads in a record time. Ready to learn everything you need to know about Chronicle of Infinity? Just keep reading!
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Catalyst Black image
Game of the Week
Catalyst BlackPowerful guns, customizable abilities, mystical primals... Our Game of the Week has it all for you and your friends! This team-based shooter is a breath of fresh air that feels genuinely fun to play, so keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Catalyst Black!
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