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Game of the Week

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel

It’s been a while since a cards game made it to Game of the Week, but this time we can get our hands on quite an amazing new title! With overlapping battles, lots of game modes and amazing characters, Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel brings a refreshing touch to this game genre along with familiar vibes. Let’s learn everything about the brand-new Konami game!

For sure, many of you are already familiar with the Yu-Gi-Oh! saga, since it’s been with us for a while now. Although these titles are available not only for Android but also for console gaming, mobile gamers worldwide already got their piece with Yu-Gi-Oh! with Master Duel. This time, Konami brings us Cross Duel, a real-time battle game on which duelist worldwide face each other in a brand-new style of card game. It comes with 3 different game modes: a 4 Player Match Mode, a Single Player Mode and a Co-Op mode on which teaming up with the right duelists will be key to success.

As we could expect on any new game of this legendary saga, the characters are pretty amazing. In Cross Duel we get the chance to see some of the most important ones of the 7 animated series of Yu-Gi-Oh! and each one of them comes with special abilities and powers. The deck building system has got a bit of an upgrade to include an auto-create feature that we found absolutely needed. It feels the gaps between your favorite monsters with the best possible combination to maximize your chances.

Either if you are a fan of the anime series or if you like cards games, we’re sure Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel will provide you with hours and hours of entertainment. So get it now and let us know what you think in our social media channels!

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