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Game of the Week

Triple Match 3D

You may think that you’ve already played all different variations of match-3 games, but here we are to surprise you! Our Game of the Week brings a twist to the classic game genre by adding some chaos and a social component that truly results in an entertaining experience. Ready for Triple Match 3D?

The first thing you’ll notice that makes Triple Match 3D unique is the disposition of items in your screen. Most match-3 games have all items organized in the form of a grid, what makes it much easier to identify the options you must get three of the same together. This is not the case in Triple Match 3D, since all different items will fall all together creating pure chaos. This means that, firstly, the item you’re looking for might be hidden behind other items, so you’ll have to clear some space to see them. But secondly, the items can fall backwards, upside down... and this makes only one of their sides visible. To make things harder, you cannot move things around, just touch them to get them in the bottom boxes and, once you get 3 of the same, they’ll disappear from the screen. The difficulty lays on the limitation of items you can bring to the bottom boxes; a maximum of 7... which is pretty hard in some overcrowded levels!

As you progress in Triple Match 3D, the levels get very hard. Not only due to the number of items on the screen, but also because they might be very similar in colors or shapes. You’ll struggle to make the difference between peaches and tomatoes! But don’t you worry too much because you can get the assistance of your friends. You can join a team (or create one) to receive and provide help to your friends; either in the form of power-ups, lives or coins. There’s even a dedicated menu to see your team’s stats that comes with a pretty fun chat feature!

Although many Android games would think we’ve already seen everything in terms of match-3 games, Triple Match 3D will surprise you! Download it now and join hours of casual fun entertainment.

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