The Ancestral Legacy

This week it’s all set up for the perfect combo of adventure, horror and mystery, because Buff Studio, the one that brought us Mystic Guardian, has made it again with a stunning visual novel game! Be ready to spend some quality time on the edge with The Ancestral Legacy, our Game of the Week.

The idea behind The Ancestral Legacy is not new at all, we’ve seen quite a few novel games before. If it’s your first time with this type of game, just think about it like reading a book with nice designs (kind of a comic) and with some extent of interaction with the story. In The Ancestral Legacy, we’ll learn about the story of Kyung Lee, who arrives at a country village to spend some peaceful holidays... until an unwanted encounter takes place and such peace is totally ruined!

The story keeps changing with every choice you make, and it seems that the possible endings are quite a few. We found that the story is told in a way that makes The Ancestral Legacy a very addictive novel game. There are lots of dialogues between all the characters, which makes us think of it more as a theatre play than a book. On top of that, the choices you’ll have to make get very tricky at some point, so give it a proper thought!

If you want to have the full experience in The Ancestral Legacy, we strongly recommend you to play it with the sound on and, if possible, to use good quality headphones. Ready to have a good read? Download The Ancestral Legacy now and let us know what you think in our social media channels!