Super Sus

If there's a game that made its way during the heavy years of the pandemic, it's Among Us! We all had a lot of fun playing it with friends and strangers worldwide, but it's been a while now; we crowned it Game of the Week back in 2019! This time, our Game of the Week is like the improved version of Among Us: better graphics, enhanced chat, and many roles! Keep reading to learn more about Super Sus!

We can say that Among Us created a new genre in the Android gaming world, and many gamers would say that it's always better to stick to the original. In this case, we believe they're wrong: Super Sus brings us precisely the improvements that we needed on this type of game. The gameplay is the usual: several real players are stuck on a map, each with a specific role. The goal for the majority of them (the Crew) is to complete very basic tasks or to discover who the Impostors are. The role for a few of them (the Impostors) is simply to kill (or eject) the Crew members. Some players enjoy being the Impostor while others prefer to be Crew members, but the truth is that both roles get very exciting on Super Sus.

The first thing you'll notice in Super Sus is that the 3D graphics are very cool. Not only during the actual games but also on menus and options. And there are a lot of skins you can use to customize your character! Another new feature –the best one in our opinion- is the voice chat. In the original Among Us, the discussions were not functional sometimes. However, Super Sus solves it with an impressive built-in voice chat that allows you to make your unfounded accusations in the blink of an eye. To top it up, Super Sus comes with many new roles with special jobs, like the Sheriff, who can kill the Impostor, the Engineer, who uses the vents, or the Doctor, who can revive dead players.

If you liked Among Us, we believe Super Sus is just what you were looking for, so don't wait any longer and git it a try now!