Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

After many months of waiting, Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice has been released for Android and we cannot be more excited. Inspired by the well-known Saint Seiya Series and supervised by the author of the original series, Kurumada Masami, Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice is the RPG title that has come to provide hours of entertainment... and that’s why it’s our Game of the Week!

As in all the different titles in the Saint Seiya saga, we’ve got a deep and intense adventure full of action. This time, you’ll be in charge of forming the strongest team of Knights to guard the Athena goddess. It seems like a lot of characters, but once you complete the tutorial it’s quite easy to understand the mechanism and increase your chances to win. Basically, all characters have one of the six elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Light and Darkness). They interact with the other elements in a specific way, and it’ll be on you to create a well-balanced army that combines the right elements and, of course, to upgrade the characters correctly.

There are a lot of challenges available in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice, and these offer prizes like Gold, diamonds and experience points every time you complete them. Progress seems to take place at the right place in Saint Seiya so you never get bored. Also, the storyline, graphics and voice acting are as amazing as we could expect for a game supervised by the author of the manga series: just flabbergasting!

Do you want to have even a better experience? You’re in the right place! The Aptoide version of Saint Seiya is offering up to 20% bonus on all purchases made between July 20th and 27th. You’ll need to install the AppCoins Wallet as well to make purchases in the game, so download Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice now and let us know what you think in our social media channels!