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Game of the Week

Rage Mage

This time, our Game of the Week takes us to a magical island with many cards to draw and collect. But that's not all; Rage Mage's fantasy island is full of dangers and mysteries you'll need to solve to become the next King! Ready for the challenge?

Although many gamers would say that card-collecting games are always long-run, the Rage Mage concept can be enjoyed in a more casual way. As soon as you open it for the first time, you’ll start drawing cards that include weapons, gear, and resources to start equipping and upgrading your character. These include armor parts, like gloves, pads, helmets, and weapons like swords and magic necklaces. All these items found in the cards will determine your skills and abilities (like HP, attack, and defense points) and your XP points, which is crucial to reach the next levels and keep conquering new islands.

The fighting is pretty straightforward, and we can say that the main part of Rage Mage is about card drawing and collecting. Still, the main goal would be to challenge other players from the entire server to get higher and higher in the rankings. With your victories, you’ll be conquering new islands on which you can delegate goblins to gather valuable resources, but make sure you protect them since there are always other avid players keeping an eye on you! One of the things we like the most is that there are virtually unlimited card draws. You can spend hours and hours flipping them until you get that ultra-powerful top-tier equipment item, and this always brings a surprise factor that can change your destiny in this magic world in just a second.

If we add funny cartoonish designs to the equation, Rage Mage becomes one of the best card-collecting games we’ve seen in a long time in the Android gaming world. There are many details on every item you equip, and the animations are smooth and fun, so battles in Rage Mage are always quite a show! Make sure you download it now to start drawing your cards!

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