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Game of the Week

Piggy GO: Clash of Coin

Our Game of the Week this time can be easily described as the perfect combo since it mixes a lot of different gameplay types to create a very surprising playing environment. Mainly considered a board game, Piggo GO also includes casino features with a lot of social interaction, so be ready to rule the board and win big!

Although Piggy GO has a lot of details, features, and side games, we’re talking about a title with the classic board game mechanism: roll the dice and move along the board to progress in the game. This progression translates into mission and tasks completed, such as building a boat or opening a cage to free a friend. But how is this achieved? With coins! During your travels on the Piggy GO board, you’ll earn coin prizes that can then be used to complete these tasks. You’ll see the coins flying over your screen until you make a fortune big enough to complete the current mission and jump to the next task... and that’s quite a satisfying image!

Arriving at the place on the Piggy GO board is not the only way to obtain coins in this game; its social component is crazy strong, and we cannot help but love it. You can attack other players and steal the coins in their vaults, race them to win huge rewards, trade cards, and complete reward sets... the options are almost endless. Once you think you have things under control, Piggy Go surprises you with a new feature, and suddenly you’ve lost half your fortune!

Piggy GO tops all this entertainment up with colorful and fun designs that will made you love the piggy characters for sure. Ready to roll the dice? Download Piggy GO now and let us know what you think in our social media channels.

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