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Game of the Week

My Hero Ultra Impact

BANDAI NAMCO has done it again! The studio behind some of the most popular Japanese-inspired games (Dragon Ball Z, Slime...) is back with one of our favorite franchises: My Hero Academia. It might be because of the characters, the casual 3-on-3 battles or the gorgeous anime graphics... but the truth is we’re ready for My Hero Ultra Impact, our Game of the Week!

My Hero Ultra Impact is a battle RPG that will charm you with its unique collection of heroes and villains. It continues with the story of the TV show My Hero Academia that features Izuku Midoriya’s first encounter with All Might, considered the Number 1 hero of all times. The villain, Shie Hassaikai becomes a threat. Your goal is to keep everyone safe by engaging in explosive battles with your collection of heroes in 3v3 quirk battles. In order to be successful on your quest, you’ll need to climb the ranks to become the top hero, which ultimately will lead you to unlock new and original illustrations. It comes with the Ultra Arena feature on which you can challenge other players to battle against their hero teams. We found this feature pretty useful to practice and get your heroes trained before the actual battles.

The battles in My Hero Ultra Impact are pretty quick and explosive. You’ll be able to activate quirks and build skill chains with the tap of a finger, and these will be getting more and more powerful and complex as you train up your heroes. In terms of graphics, My Hero Ultra Impact is quite different from other RPGs we may find in the Android world. We’re talking about a very cinematic game that truly reminds us of the TV show.

Are you a fan of the TV show? Maybe an RPG enthusiast? It doesn’t actually matter, you’ll probably find many hours of entertainment with My Hero Ultra Impact, so download it now and let us know what you think in our social media channels!

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