Mobile Legends: 515 Event

Join your friends at this special event on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Our favorite 5v5 MOBA on which real players fight each other is hosting 515 M- World, a massive event with many surprises for all players. Want to know more? Keep reading!

The 515 event has been with Mobile Legends fans for over 3 years, and to cheer on it, we will be able to enjoy special challenges and skins. A team of Mobile Legend influencers from many different countries are fighting during these days in an All-Star Tournament, so make sure you tune in and support your favorite players.

On top of that, there are new skins available with up to 30% discounts on Wanwan, Ling and Yin, so make sure you get them on time to enjoy the promotion and be the coolest fighter on the battlefield. To top it up, we’ll find some special draws and a 515 Trophy Battle to defeat the boss in M-World.

Yeah, we’re talking about A LOT, and this is why we love Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!