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Game of the Week

Marvel SNAP

The Internet world agrees on one thing: You’ve never played a CCG like this before. And that’s a statement because we already have very innovative and well though Collectible Card Games in the Android world. Remember Gwent and Magic The Gathering? Our Game of the Week this time not only brings some fresh air to this corner of the gamesphere, but also some of our favorite superheroes, so keep reading to learn everything about Marvel SNAP!

As with all the CCG out there, Marvel SNAP based is a strategy component around building a deck of cards and using them in energy-based battles against other players. Using each card will have some energy cost, and you’ll be earning more energy as the game progresses. In Marvel SNAPS, these matches are played in 3 different locations, and succeeding in at least 2 of them will make you the overall winner. In contrast with other card games, we found Marvel SNAP very efficient in terms of entertainment because it truly delivers a lot of fun without requiring much effort on your side: the deck is only 12 cards, with no duplicates, and the battles consist of 6 turns only where cards are played simultaneously. It may sound limiting but found that it’s exactly what we need!

The fact that each card has not only a different power but also a different cost brings a lot of possible strategies to the table. Even though matches last for a few minutes only, you’ll find yourself taking a lot of crucial decisions in such a short period of time. But you’re not alone here since your favorite Marvel characters will guide you through this journey: Medusa, Thing and all the Guardians of the Galaxy characters are in the palm of your hand! Make sure you get hold of your favorite ones.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a Marvel fan, enjoy CCGs or like strategy games: Marvel SNAP combines the best of each world creating a perfectly balanced game that we can see only getting more and more relevant in the Android gaming world.

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