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Game of the Week

Lost Light

It's 2040 and a pheromone outbreak has led us all to a post-apocalyptic world full of destruction, chaos, and uncertainty. This story continues with underground bunkers, survival, and a lot of shooting. If we add very high-end graphics and cross-platform functionality, we get Lost Light our Game of the Week this time! Ready to learn everything about it?

We all agree that shooting is a very popular game genre in the Android gaming world, and for sure we’ll find some things in Lost Light that remind us of other games we love like PUBG Mobile. Even though the storyline is set in dystopian future, Lost Light aims to be a realistic shooting game with very well-taken care of details and actions. Not only the scenarios but also the characters and the weapons look stunning and make the overall experience much more immersive.

In terms of gameplay, we can affirm that Lost Light has the best of each world. It emphasizes survival in the match and progression outside of the game. The usual looting, collection of objects, and upgrading your gear will be crucial for you to survive in this apocalyptic world, so make sure you pay enough attention to this part of the game. You’ll find that there are different game modes depending on the character (Heidi, Judas, Abigail, or Avril), but you can always join or create custom matches for multiplayer games.

Lost Light has come to the shooting game field to stay and we understand why. Realistic graphics and a compelling storyline truly provide an amazing gaming experience. Get it now and let us know what you think on our social media channels!

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