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Game of the Week

Legend of the Phoenix

Legend of the Phoenix is all about choices, tradition, and love stories. With an impressive colorful design and intricate stories, our Game of the Week gives us the chance to join in a beautiful journey about destiny and passion. Ready to learn everything about it?

Although our favorite part of Legend of the Phoenix is the visuals, let’s start with the storyline. As soon as you open the game, you’ll be introduced to our main character: a lady who married the emperor and then got assassinated by him, along with her family. As you can expect, everything in Legend of the Phoenix revolves around revenge with touches of romance. As a text-based game, it’s organized in chapters with many gorgeous cutscenes and animations, making it perfect to be enjoyed as a book or a novel.

Legend of the Phoenix is based in a world of reputation and authority, and your character will start right at the beginning of the ladder. As you complete chapters, you’ll progress in society and increase your level. These chapters will usually end up with a battle against your enemies, which is quite an innovation in this type of game, and we love it. The battles are not about kicks and punches but insulting your opponents (which reminds us a lot of the battles in the all-time classic Monkey Island). The graphics are very colorful and classy at the same time, which makes the story very cohesive and engaging. It truly gives ancient (but cool) kind of vibes!

The time to make crucial decisions has come - and in a place like Legend of the Phoenix, every decision matters. Get it now to enjoy one of the best graphic novels in the Android world!

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