Infinity Kingdom

Have you ever thought of combining cartoon-style graphics and good-old strategy? If the answer is yes, be ready to add some historical figures to the combo because Infinity Kingdom has it all... and it’s our Game of the Week!

It's been a while since we didn’t get our hands on a strategy game with some many exciting things. First of all the storyline: an army of gnomes are attacking the World Heart in order to steal all the energy. Your goal? Pretty obvious! Fight them and capture new territories at the same time. Infinity Kingdom is a MMO which means that you’ll not only worry about gnomes but also about other players invading your territories. It comes with a lot of options and paths to follow, not only in terms of how you build your kingdom but also when creating your team. And that’s the first surprise that Infinity Kingdom has created for us. There are more than 60 well-known characters to choose from. Mulan, Robin Hood, Julius Caesar... and each one of them features special abilities and powers. Isn’t that cool?

But you’ll not only be assisted by this team of popular characters; in Infinity Kingdom there are 7 different types of dragons that dwell in a mysterious cave. Your task here is to raise the dragons into powerful beasts so they help you out when battling your enemies. All these amazing features come packed up in very distinctive graphics and sound effects. This is another corner-stone for Infinity Kingdom: the cartoonish style graphics make the gaming experience much fun and it looks like you’re watching a cartoon action movie!

Are you into looking for ruins in new worlds and progressing on your way to success? Then Infinity Kingdom is your game and you shouldn’t wait to give it a chance!