Sometimes, what we actually need in terms of Android gaming is not RPGs, racing, shooting or battle royales. A bit of old school puzzle games with a very pleasant relaxing vibe can satisfy our needs when we just need to calm down and take life a bit less seriously. Wanna give it a try? Discover HEX, an infinity game that we just appointed as our Game of the Week!

HEX is actually the sequel of Infinity Loop, a puzzle game that’s at the same time simple, relaxing, and addictive. It’s actually so simple that it doesn’t need any tutorial: once you open it for the first time you have your first puzzle in front of you. You’ll just need to touch on the different parts of the figure to connect them and make it look like a continuous line that creates a beautiful pattern. Sometimes it’s not just one figure with one line, but two or more that are not connected between them, but the main goal is always the same: not to have any dead end.

Obviously, the puzzles are much easier at the beginning, which actually helps a lot to get used to the logics of the game. Once you reach new levels, you’ll find that things get a bit harder and harder. If you think you might reach the end at some point.... You’re just wrong! The studio behind HEX, Infinity Loop, promises never ending levels. We’ve got over level 100 and it keeps going so it seems the fun is infinite! It also comes with a very relaxing background music and some sound effects every time you rotate a piece, which makes the overall experience very immersive (and quite addictive).

If you’re looking for a relaxing, simple, and addictive game, with no timers or pressure, HEX is the title for you. Get it now and let us know what you think in our social media channels!