Guns Up!

The Android gaming world is not a bubble, and many times we see games that come from other platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox and even PC. This week, we’ve got a twist on the classic tower defense games with a bit of a more casual and laid-back vibe. Are you ready for the adrenaline of Guns Up!? It’s our Game of the Week!

Guns Up! will probably remind you of many other well-known titles, like Clash of Clans, because the underlining idea revolves around something we’ve seen many times before: you’ll have to take down bases or defense (and upgrade) your own base. To do so, you’ll have to set your strategy right and use your powers at the correct time and place. The mechanics of the game are actually very easy to get, and it comes with a pretty quick tutorial that will guide you through all the details in the game. Positioning and deploying the right troops will be key on your path to success. There are different classes of fighters that form up troops with all sorts of skills; from infantrymen to grenadiers that through smoke grenades to bling your enemies. We actually found that the first campaigns are a bit too easy and basic but if you give this game some time, it’ll be getting harder and more interesting.

Although Guns Up! is a PVP game, it also comes with a pretty fun single-player mode for those moments in which you’re not feeling very social. On top of that, it features very cute cartoonish war-themed graphics that make it look very casual and fun. Taking into account that Guns Up! is actually the mobile version of a PlayStation 4 original game, we’re quite satisfied with the way they have adapted controls and user experience in general. The best part? Guns Up! comes with zero ads so you can enjoy your battling with no interruptions!

We believe this is a great title for those of us that love tower defense games but are open-minded to new ideas and versions in the genre. Are you ready to deploy your troops? Download Guns Up! now and let us know what you think on our social media channels!