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Game of the Week

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

The latest Final Fantasy game has arrived exclusively for mobile devices, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s got everything: part remaster, part expansion, and the classic game we all were expecting, so let’s welcome Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis as our Game of the Week!

The first thing you need to know about Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is that, although it has all of our favorite characters from the popular saga along with an engaging storyline, we’re actually talking about a gacha game. Be ready to take time to progress or even to spend some money to achieve your goals because the gameplay mostly involves consuming Stamina and enjoying the view of your numbers going up. The game is still pretty fun, mainly because it’s a compilation of different stories put together in a surprisingly cohesive way.

There are a few new characters, like Glenn, Matt, and Lucia, along with the all-time classics like Sephiroth. In Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, you can choose which story to follow, giving a sense of control that adds a lot of engagement to the gaming experience. In terms of gameplay, you can expect the level of complexity that we all are used to in the Final Fantasy saga. Still, you can unlock the auto-battle mode to keep things a bit simple, focus on getting resources, and progress your characters to the next levels.

To make things more social and strategic, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis includes a co-op option in which teams can link up to take down three different bosses on limited-time events. This allows players to coordinate some cool strategies and work their skills together. Of course, the graphics are as neat and sharp as always in this amazing saga that, combined with an intense soundtrack, brings the experience to a level that can only be compared to a console game.

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