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Game of the Week

FarmVille 3

There are a lot of different simulator games in the Android world, including the classic tycoon games where you can become incredibly rich by selling burgers and one of the most successful ones of all time: the goat simulator. But our Game of the Week this time is probably the king of one of the most popular simulator genres ever, farming! Cows, hens, pigs... tons of adorable animals are waiting for you In FarmVille 3, so keep reading to discover everything you need to know!

Most gamers are already familiar with FarmVille since this saga was initially launched on Facebook more than 10 years ago. The premise has not changed much in all this time: start your animal farm from the ground up by planting seeds, breeding animals and building the necessary constructions to succeed in your quest! It may look simple, but creating such an animal empire requires you to take the right decisions in terms of which species to add to your collection (there are hundreds to choose from!) and how to trade their products in the farmer's market: eggs, milk, mushrooms... even fine feather, horse hair and bacon!

Something we really love in FarmVille 3 is that it reaches a level of complexity high enough for us to always feel we are progressing. You can discover new and very specific breeds, like the Tudanca Cow or the Bourbon Turkey, and the products can be processed into baked goods or cheeses to get extra value in your trading efforts. You even need to take the weather into account when taking decisions about your crops! FarmVille 3 also comes with beautiful and colorful designs that will make your gaming experience an absolute delight. Without aiming for a realistic style, the graphics are still full of details, making all your little creatures look absolutely stunning.

Are you ready to build a farming empire? Download FarmVille 3 on your Android device to start producing your own food!

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