Dragon Storm Fantasy

This week we travel to a world of fantasy, with dragons, magic and thousands of players from all over the world fighting each other in massive battlegrounds. You might think that Dragon Storm Fantasy is just another RPG available for Android, but we are talking about a very unique game with a humongous world to explore and beautiful characters. Ready for our Game of the Week?

The initial idea of Dragon Storm Fantasy is a bit cliché: you’re the chosen one, assisted by your fairy allies, to fight the evil. In this case, the world for you to save is Arcus, a massive territory full of magical creatures and complex stories. You can play as a Warrior, Mage or Archer, and each one of them have special skills and powers. The Mage, for example, uses ice and lightning attacks, while the Archer, as expected, uses arrows to inflict damage on the enemies.

Your main task in Dragon Storm Fantasy is to find Dragon Crystals, which will unlock the ability to summon the Divine Dragon of Frost in battle. When doing this, your character will transform into a powerful fairy and the dragon will do the work for you. This feature is actually quite exciting and makes Dragon Storm Fantasy a unique RPG, and the best part: you can reach your first dragon only a few hours after your start playing! Obviously, you’ll be able to unlock more of them as you progress in the game but it’s always nice to see this kind of progress since the beginning. Some battle modes in Dragon Storm Fantasy are actually quite intense. There’s World vs World, Server vs Server and 10,000 vs 10,000 players modes, but you can also enjoy the independence of playing by yourself in the survival arena.

Dragon Storm Fantasy comes with a free and strong trading system that allows players to trade in-game equipment across different servers. We believe this is not only a great idea to offer users the possibility of getting the items they want, but also to strengthen allies with fellow fighters worldwide! If you are into RPGs and fantasy, don’t miss the chance and download Dragon Storm Fantasy now!