Donut Punks

Zombies, donuts and amazing graphics. We need nothing else to be sure that our Game of the Week will guarantee hours of fun. If we add a fun story and easy to learn controls, we actually have the perfect combo! Let’s check Donut Punks out!

The gameplay will be familiar to all of us since Donut Punks will remind you of other well-known MOBAs (like Brawl Stars). Basically, there’s been a zombie apocalypse but you’re not the only survivor! There are many other players fighting for the only thing that matters in this apocalyptic world: DONUTS! Matches are quick and full of fun. You’ll basically be dropped in a field with a lot of zombies that release donuts once dead. But remember, you’re not alone! A lot of other players will be deployed with the same goal as you!

Donut Punks is full of amazing characters. In a similar way as many other MOBAs and PvP games, you’ll unlock these when collecting trophies. Along with new characters, you can also discover new game modes, like Donut Hunt, on which there are four players shooting as many zombies as possible to see who collects the most donuts. Another cool thing about Donut Punks is that you can customize your characters with gorgeous skins! This bit is even more important if we take into account that one of the highlights of Donut Punks is the amazing graphics. The 3D cartoonish style design of this game truly makes the gaming experience much more fun!

If you thought you’ve seen everything in the world of MOBAs, be ready for Donut Punks because this game can really blow your mind. Download it now and don’t forget to let us know what you think on our social media channels!