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Game of the Week

Disney Mirrorverse

Some of the most familiar characters are joining us this week for some extra action in an alternative world, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our favorite peps from Disney and Pixar movies get together in Disney Mirrorverse, and let’s be honest - seeing Snow White, Jack Sparrow, and Mickey together is a great reason for it to be our Game of the Week!

Disney Mirrorverse is the new action RPG that combines the best characters of the well-known movie studio. It's set in a divergent universe in which some crazy things happen (like Rapunzel using her hair as part of an armor). Some features of the storyline and the gameplay of Disney Mirrorverse seem to have been borrowed from other popular RPGs, like Honkai Impact. Still, the truth is that it gets upgraded with stunning graphics and, of course, the familiarity of the characters. You'll have to fight against Fractured or mirrored versions of your favorite characters in an evil dimension.

The combat dynamics are full of fast-paced action and can be executed either manually or automatically. In the manual mode, Disney Mirrorverse offers quite an excellent level of control of your heroes during these real-time battles. Special powers, running, protecting... you name it! You'll also be able to upgrade your heroes and achieve new power levels and special abilities that will certainly help you against your enemies. It comes with a campaign mode on which the story is developed and other game modes that can be used to gather resources and practice. Combined with stunning 3D graphics, Disney Mirrorverse translates into one of those games where action fans will spend hours of entertainment.

It might be because the recent Buzz Lightyear movie brought some childhood memories, but we’re actually enjoying Disney Mirrorverse quite a lot. Be ready to be surprised with a battlefield full of familiar faces!

Disney Mirrorverse

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