Is there a better way to celebrate the weekend than with an urban-mythological RPG? Probably not! And that’s the reason for Dislyte to be our Game of the Week! A not-so-distant future setting, mayhem gods, stunning graphics, engaging characters... It’s got all we want!

Dislyte takes place in 2027 and one of the first things we notice is that there’s been quite an amazing technological progress. The game, especially in terms of characters' looks, seems very futuristic and it features some pretty cool robots and devices. An evil god of mayhem called Miramon has awakened and, as you can expect, chaos has spread around the world. Isn’t the story interesting enough? Here we go: some miracles pop around to be absorbed by EDM musicians! And this is the reason why we strongly recommend you to play Dislyte with a good set of headphones. There are pretty cool dance tracks playing in the background that, combined with stunning colorful 3D graphics, make the gaming experience absolutely delightful.

The game itself is played in the usual gacha RPG format, which is a little refreshing twist based on the unique moves all the characters have. Some of them will give your character an extra turn when killing an enemy, others, like Q, will damage two enemies in one single hit. Dislyte also comes with a pretty interesting game mode called DJ Battle. The main goal is to hit the notes of an EDM song, kind of the same style as DJ Hero. Once succeeding, you’ll receive prizes that can be used to progress in the game!

Although many could say Dislyte is just another RPG game with just the addition of dance music, we believe the combo of the near-future storyline and the fun designs truly provide a fresh touch to gacha RPG games. Just remember to let us know what you think on our social media channels!