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Game of the Week

Diablo Immortal

Blizzard, the well-known gaming Studio, brings us one of the most awaited multiplayer online role-playing games of the season. Angels, demons and a never-ending war over the dominion of the mortal realm await you in Diablo Immortal, and that’s why it’s our new Game of the Week!

Diablo Immortal arrives now to the Android world after a whole lot of controversy since it was announced back in 2018. The game is set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III, two of the most popular titles among PC and PlayStation gamers, and this audience really wanted to see the new title available on such platforms. The truth is, Diablo Immortal truly feels like the correct adaptation of the series to mobile devices. And that’s why we love it!

It’s a full-fledged Diablo experience with comprehensive campaigns, great graphics and a deep storyline. The core idea is the same as in the PC games: you’ll choose a class, navigate maps and fight enemies to collect prizes and items.

One of the most pleasant aspects of Diablo Immortal is the combat system. The touch controls seem very intuitive for all available options: primary attack, skills, health potions and ultimate. For a mobile title, it gets very close to console or PC games in terms of the level of control you get. Another thing we quickly noticed in Diablo Immortal is that most events are relatively shorter than its PC version: first, dungeons (this lasts a few minutes only), bounties... It makes a lot of sense since mobile players are also more casual, but we found the gaming experience so pleasant that we wouldn’t mind an option for longer events.

We believe Diablo Immortal has come to explain to the gaming world how an adaptation to Android should be done, especially on complex games full of details (and a big fan crowd with their expectations). Don’t wait any longer, download Diablo Immortal now and let us know what you think on our social media channels!

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