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Game of the Week

Desta: The Memories Between

The rumors are true: the largest streaming platform in the world, Netflix, is betting big on gaming, and we all are pretty open to new players joining the Android gaming world! Although they have already released a few titles (such as Poinpy or the amazing Stranger 1984), the latest one, Desta: The Memories Between, has taken the world by storm with its artistic graphics and compelling story... and that’s why it’s our Game of the Week!

The first thing worth noting about our Game of the Week is that, as expected, a Netflix subscription is required to enjoy Desta: The Memories Between. This sounds like an inconvenience, but the truth is that we’re talking about a premium type of game. The studio behind Desta is Ustwo, the well-known creator of Monument Valley - one of the most awarded games in the history of Android gaming. We can tell not only because of the beautiful designs of Desta but also because of the innovative type of gameplay it offers: a combination of a narrative title, a grid-based tactics game, and a dodgeball title. It may sound like a lot, but the truth is that all these genres are combined graciously to work in perfect harmony. The narrative spins around dreams and mental health issues, with our protagonist, Desta, returning to their hometown after a long period away. Topics like anxiety and worries are present throughout the game as Desta confronts old friends, teachers, and other characters. The way this story unfolds is simultaneously beautiful and compelling, which seems like a natural move when we think Netflix is behind this game.

The conflicts of Desta are presented in a series of dodgeball games with all these amazing characters. These grid-based battles occur in memorable recreations of Desta's hometown, with a dreamy feeling in all designs. Players get two actions per character on every turn, including moving, throwing a ball, or even making special moves like increasing damage points. This type of gameplay, along with the simplistic-but-artistic designs, reminds us of Monument Valley and makes Desta: The Memories Between a truly unique gaming experience. The deep storyline and the tactics gameplay fit together perfectly to create a harmonious immersive experience.

We totally understand that the requirement of a Netflix subscription might prevent many Android players from enjoying this game, and that's a pity. Once again, Ustwo has created in Desta: The Memories Between, a unique and delightful gaming experience that we recommend everyone to try out.

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