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If you are interested in new trends, new apps, and, especially, new social networks, you’ve probably heard about Clubhouse. It got VERY popular a few months ago, and we certainly understand why! It’s a brand new concept, and it looks exclusive. But... what’s Clubhouse about? Since it’s now available on Android, let’s have a quick look at it!.

What happens if you talk to much.

If Instagram is about the beautiful pics and Twitter is about the 280 character limit trendy tweets, Clubhouse is all about audio! You’ll find lots of rooms in which people host different discussions on the most varied topics - feel free to think about it as a podcast. The difference is that in Clubhouse, you can jump in to contribute to the topic, therefore, creating a conversation. Sounds strange, but cool! According to its creators, “it builds a social experience that feels more human,” and we agree

The topics are endless! We found rooms to talk about cryptocurrencies, discuss racism, and even some rooms to pray together. Just follow people and join clubs (groups of people around a common interest), and Clubhouse will recommend you rooms to join, listen and participate in exciting discussions.

At the moment, Clubhouse is invitation-only, so you’ll need to know someone that’s already in to get invited. While this happens, you can already create an account to reserve your nickname. Is this social network going to change how we interact online? We can only wait to see!

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