Chronicle of Infinity

After many months of waiting, Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice haConsole-quality graphics, an impressive fighting system and a lot of fantasy; our Game of the Week has it all and that’s probably the reason for it to have reached over 16 million downloads in a record time. Ready to learn everything you need to know about Chronicle of Infinity? Just keep reading!

For a deep-fantasy world to work, you also need a good storyline, and Chronicle of Infinity does a great job right the first time you open the game by telling you all the important details. Two legendary Alliances, the Astral and the Obsidian, are immersed in a violent ever-lasting war. Your character, the only survivor of the Guardians shall fight on the Astral side aiming to re-gain order and establish peace. Although the storyline keeps you intrigued since minute 1, the truth is that Chronicle of Infinity offers a lot of side-quests to follow and many parallel stories to develop.

But it’s not only in terms of the narrative that Chronicle of Infinity offers several options. Regarding the game modes, we need to highlight the Apex Guerilla arena on which 150 players from all over the world can face each other in a battle royale mode full of valuable rewards that will be of use in the main quest. To top it up, the character classes in Chronicle of Infinity are truly different among them. Very distinct level of attacks and defense, unique abilities... You’ll find it hard to choose between Arcania, Phantom, Dragoon and the other ones, but this bit will be crucial for you to find success on the battlefield.

If there is a type of Android game that pays attention to graphics that’s fantasy MMORPG, but the level of detail we find in Chronicle of Infinity is something we haven’t truly seen before. We can only recommend you to give it a try in the biggest screen Android device you can get your hands on, use a good pair of headphones and let us know what you think in our social media channels!