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Mobile Legends

Best Heroes

Are you one of the million players enjoying Mobile Legends on a daily basis? We totally get it—it’s one of the hits of the moment! This MOBA has been keeping us very entertained, but the truth is that we’re talking about a game with quite a high level of complexity and detail. What does this mean? Well, we just appreciate some help in terms of tips, tricks and, in this case, a bit of information about the amazing heroes you can find in this game. Do you already have a favorite? If not, have a look below and give them a try!


This kung-fu boy is one of the favorites amongst high-level players. With a very high offensive power and quite good durability, this fighter hero proves to be one of the most valued in the battlefield. Even though it might not seem than impressive, we believe one of his most important skills is Only Fast. Chou will move quite quickly over a long distance to inflict 180% damage in the next basic attack. Still not impressed? Well, it also slows down enemies by 80% for a short period of time.


This hero might not be the best one in terms of survival, but it’s quite a versatile support and tank hero. Our favorite Kaja skill is the Order Ring, with a short cooldown period (9 seconds) and a relatively low mana cost (60 mana points). Kaja releases an electric ring that expands and contracts several times. When reaching a target, Kaja will release a beam of light that inflicts more than 140 magic damage every 0.6 seconds. This damage increases if you hit the same target continuously, so at the end of the day you can inflict quite a lot of damage at a low cost!


Clearly one of the most well-balanced support heroines. You’ll find nice (but not too impressive) damage, healing, buffs, and teleportation skills. Angela is likely to be considered the hero you need when looking into regenerating. The Heart Guard will generate a shield for a friendly target to absorb 1200 (plus magic power) for 6 seconds. Although cooldown time is quite high, 80 seconds, it’s quite useful to protect other heroes with higher damage skills.


Some people consider Hylos the best tank hero because of one little but important detail: you’ll receive HP as your mana reserve increases, which makes it a very resistant hero when combined with the right companions. Our favorite skill: Ring of Punishment. It boasts a VERY short cooldown time (1 second) and only costs 50 mana points. It doesn’t inflict a lot of damage, 95 points of magic damage, but it affects movement speed and attack speed by 6% and 5% percent respectively. For the cost of this skill, we believe the results can provide an impressive advantage!


With the previous heroes being more specialized in recovering, this wizard hero (who is one of the fastest) is specialized in damage. Our favorite Harley skill is a costly one, 120 mana points, but also a powerful one. Deadly Magic inflicts 200 magic damage (+60% of total magic power) and slows the enemy for 1.5 seconds. It also creates a circle of fire around the enemy and tops it up with another 100 magic damage and an extra bonus depending on the damage taken by the target during the attack. Harley is one of those heroes that you don’t want to have working against you!

Still not sure which hero to choose? You should Ask Vell! A long-time content creator of Mobile Legends videos and one of our top YouTube channels to watch, he now reacts to the gameplay from some of the biggest players around. Check out this video about Braxy, and learn how to use Chou to his best advantage with this intricate gameplay and Vell’s experienced narration.

Are you ready now to become a master in Mobile Legends? Don’t hesitate and download it now!

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