AppCoins, a bonus in every in-app purchase

Everything You Need to Know About AppCoinsIn the AppCoins universe, you'll receive up to 20% bonus every time you make an in-app purchase. The best part? You can use these free AppCoins Credits to make more purchases in your favorite games!
First Things FirstYou need to install the AppCoins Wallet to get rewards and process all transactions. Just keep it installed in your device since it'll process all your in-app purchases and store your bonuses and rewards
AppCoins Wallet
up to 20% bonus
A Bonus on Every Purchase!You'll get a bonus on every purchase you make in an app with the symbol . Take advantage and become the ultimate gamer!
Clash of Kings
First Things FirstWith e-Skills games, you'll earn a prize when beating others players. Just download the game you think you’re the best at, make your contribution to start the battle and show your skills to prove you deserve the prize in real money. Ready for the challenge? Find all the available games .
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