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Mobile Legends

End of Summer Fest- Up to 70% Extra Bonus for Limited Time

The summer might be over, but this also means it’s the 5th Anniversary of Mobile Legends! To celebrate such an important date, we are giving away A LOT of extra bonuses from September 22nd until the 28th.

During our End of Summer Fest, every day we will be giving away a different extra bonus, ranging from 10% up to 50%! The best part? This is on top of the usual bonus you ALWAYS get when making purchases in the AppCoins version of Mobile Legends. This means that users can get up to 70% bonus during this event. You just have to stay tuned to the promotion of the day!

What does this mean? This means that you should pay extra special attention to the AppCoins Wallet, as there it will tell you when the promotion goes live and what the extra bonus is for any given day throughout the event! Then you can use this promotion to get an incredible amount of money back when making a purchase in Mobile Legends, and then use these funds to make even more purchases! Just use the AppCoins version of Mobile Legends from Aptoide and make your purchases as usual.

To celebrate such an important anniversary, we’ll also be able to enjoy a new hero Floryn, a new skin Moon Goddes Miya, and a lot of revamps of your favorite heroes in line with the Project: NEXT update. It's the perfect chance to use those extra bonuses!

Not enough? Stay tuned! There are more promotions coming up soon.

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