Working on the future of app stores

Aptoide’s R&D focuses on conceiving solutions to known challenges of mobile marketplaces, in an open innovation approach. We believe that to face global challenges it is important to have joint efforts between industry, academia, partners and users. This is why we are always open to new collaboration opportunities, and we have experts on achieving funding to new R&D endeavors.

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Research and Innovation Areas


  • Static and dynamic app analysis
  • Intelligent proactive counter-attack systems
  • Reputation systems (blockchain based)
  • Analytics and decision support to human operators

Content Discovery and Distribution

  • Recommender systems
  • Semantic search engines
  • Social app store
  • User experience

Mobile Payments

  • AppCoins technology (Accessibility, low fees)
  • Circular app economy

Mobile Marketing

  • AppCoins technology (trust, low fees and optimized users)
  • Authenticity dispute systems
  • Apps distributed ledger

Ongoing projects


(03-08-18 / 01-08-20) In partnership with ISCTE-IUL

AppSentinel is an intelligent anti-malware system for Android app stores, capable of performing static and dynamic analysis of malicious applications from several sources and understanding their characteristics and behavior to infer new malicious patterns. These new patterns are turned into rules used on the testing of applications submitted to the app store, accelerating its response to new threats. Applications are also tested regarding secure mobile development practices, leading to educational feedbacks to developers about their apps’ vulnerabilities. Finally, it performs automatic analysis of users’ feedback to infer the threat level of apps already published on the app store.

  • Project ID: LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-033953 Lisbon Regional Operational Programme
  • Eligible cost: 568.805,70€
  • European Union Contribuition: 218.675,37€
  • Website:
Project co-financed by


(01-10-18 / 01-04-20)

TrustChain consists of reputation systems for consumers and publishers of apps, and an intelligent decision support system for quality assurance and cybersecurity. Based on the reputation of these players, the goal is to increase considerably the efficiency of the app store quality and security services (allowing to focus more in specific apps and trusting more in others). Moreover, the knowledge base related to the reputation is decentralized using blockchain technologies, in order to be possible its adoption and contribution from several app stores, thus generating a global app economy with increased security, trust and transparency.

  • Project ID: LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-038315 Lisbon Regional Operational Programme
  • Eligible cost: 546.688,42€
  • European Union Contribuition: 227.522,28€
  • Website:
Project co-financed by


(01-04-19 / 31-03-21) In partnership with ISCTE-IUL

AppRecommender focuses on offering the right app to the right user at the right time, optimizing thus the current app distribution and discovery services. To do so, the main technologies proposed are a fusion-based recommender system and a semantic search engine. The project aims to have specific impact on the mobile app consumers, mobile app publishers and on the app store. For consumers, the impact will be on the ease of use, efficiency and satisfaction in the discovery of apps, because of the improved alignment between their needs, characteristics and context with the apps offered. For developers, the impact will be on the improved proximity to their target audience, optimizing the user acquisition and retention, and inherently the commercial success. For Aptoide, the impact will be on the optimized quality of service provided to consumers and companies, and in the consequent increase of the number of apps submitted to the store, active users and revenue.

  • Project ID: LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-033953 Lisbon Regional Operational Programme
  • Eligible cost: 795.138,64€
  • European Union Contribuition: 318.055,46€
Project co-financed by

Key Team Members

Paulo Trezentos

CEO, PhD in Computer Science

Technological visionary of Aptoide with broad curriculum in R&D. Participation in several European projects (FP6 and FP7), namely OPIMA, OCTALIS, OCCAMM, MANCOOSI, EDOS, ULOOP and TIMBUS. Co-founder of AppCoins, the first cryptocurrency for app stores that is in the Top 20% cryptos with higher market cap.

Research Interests: Blockchain; Android Marketplaces; Open Source Software.

João Casal

Head of R&D, MSc in Systems Engineering

Experienced manager of applied R&D with participation in over 10 European and National projects. Solid track record of conceiving, managing and delivering complex R&D projects, and of achieving funding for applied R&D.

Research Interests: Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing; Cybersecurity; Artificial Intelligence.

João Carneiro

Head of Security, PhD in Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering

Senior researcher that is currently defining and leading the cybersecurity strategy of Aptoide, particularly related to mobile malware. Wide track record of R&D and innovation consultancy in a large technological scope.

Research Interests: Mobile Cybersecurity; IoT; Computer Vision.

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